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Hit ball hard. Hit ball far. These are the main objectives of baseball. It doesn't matter how fast you are, how good you are at defense, or even if you can throw the ball. If
"He only eats when the Shark Hoover comes out, which we call Bruce, from 'Finding Nemo'," his owner told Newsweek.
Scientists have developed a new, highly accurate test to predict whether a person will develop dementia. The method, created by researchers from Queen Mary University of London, can be used up to
Class 4A state champion Corner and Class 7A semifinalist Thompson each placed four players on the Birmingham News Terrific 22 Baseball Team for the 2024 season. The Birmingham baseball team honors
A killer whale was spotted in a rare sighting off the coast of Chatham, Massachusetts, according to Atlantic White Shark Conservancy. “Very exciting to see!” the organization wrote on their social
A quadriplegic adventurer has completed a record-breaking trip around the UK by boat in efforts to raise funds for disabled people to share his “happy place” of the sea.Geoff Holt and his small crew
From festivals and rodeos to monster trucks and runs, there's lots to do, see and explore in Denver and Colorado this Father's Day weekend.Colorado hosts several big names in music including Zach
Taylor Swift stopped her concert in Edinburgh, Scotland, on Friday to help a fan. Swift was in the middle of singing her "Midnights" song "Would've Could've Should've" when she noticed a fan
A solid bedtime routine is key for a good night's sleep. No one knows this better than one English Bulldog named Belle who is perfecting her routine for her brand new litter of pups.In a June 8, 2024
All-Rider emerges as potentially the most powerful Avenger, transcending traditional Ghost Riders through near-limitless power.
Ella Seaver, who was just 7 years old at the time of the 2012 shooting, told 'Good Morning America' she made up her mind about a year after the tragedy A survivor of the Sandy Hook Elementary
Nearly two months ago, the Oregon Ridge Nature Center lost Stella, their resident partially blind red-tailed hawk, when a falling tree crashed through her enclosure, opening it to the sky above.
In the music business, you’re only as hot as your next album, but once you get hot, your popularity can skyrocket.
Engineers at the University of California San Diego have developed microscopic robots, known as microrobots, capable of swimming through the lungs to deliver cancer-fighting medication directly to
At the end of the day, a dog is a dog, and a dog is going to eat whatever it can. It truly doesn't matter if your dog eats plenty of food throughout the day, or if the vet says you should even be
1. A buildable Lego cherry blossom reviewers love for a small but thoughtful way to add a touch of whimsy to their floral displays, or to gift to a fellow Lego enthusiast as a cheerful lil' pick-me
Tacoma is homing in on improving streets. On Monday, for instance, the city launched the week-long campaign dubbed “Pothole Palooza” to broadcast its efforts toward repairing less-than-pristine roads
A tiny Pekingese puppy is happy to be in his family's arms after he was dramatically rescued after falling through an air vent.On June 12, 2024, ABC News shared a video of the incredible rescue, and
Looking out over the Eromanga Sea 100 million years ago, not every ferocious predator would be found under the surface of the water. Instead, one threat would come from the skies. The “long-vanished”

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